Portugal Trans Algarve

Cycling Trips in Portugal

Algarve covers the southern portion of Portugal; and inland, away from the coast, offers fabulous riding conditions. The roads are frost free during winter and are therefore in excellent condition; and experience little traffic all year round. The mountains of Algarve rise up to 900m, so if you are looking for good, hard rides you will definitely find them here.

We are able to offer you one of our own cycling trips in Portugal, which takes in beautiful, quiet roads and stunning scenery that most people don’t even know exists away from the Algarve coastline.

This is a fabulous ride over three days (plus a day to travel) – perfect for a long weekend – riding from the Spanish border across the interior of the Algarve region to Sagres on the far south west point of Europe.

The route takes us away from the coast – where all the traffic is found – and into the mountains where you will ride in amongst the orange groves and olive trees.

We will collect you from Faro Airport and take you to Sagres, in the south west corner of mainland Europe where we will spend the first night. The hotel will be good quality – 4 stars (depending on availability) and we will eat in the hotel on the first night.

The cost of the trip is £850.00 for 4 nights. (Excludes July and August) – All costs include transfers to and from Faro airport, good quality hotel accommodation (min 3 star, but 4 star where available), breakfast, dinner and motorised back up for the duration of the ride as well as a local guide.