Piccolofondo 19 May - 89km | Piccolofondo Details



1190m of ascent

1 Feed Stop:

Trellech - 58km

The Piccolofondo route starts at Marlwood School, Alveston, near Bristol. The ride will start at 9.15am

Marlwood School is ideally situated in a quiet, rural area with instant access to the route that all riders will take to reach Aust and the Severn Bridge. 

After leaving the school, you will join the B4661 which takes you directly to the Severn Bridge, which you will cross to go to Chepstow.

After passing through Chepstow, you will take the beautiful road towards Raglan. The road starts with a climb up to the village of Devauden before dropping back down on a scenic road that undulates all the way to Raglan where you will leave the Granfondo and Mediofondo riders.

After leaving Raglan, you will reach the roundabout where the A40 passes the town. You will cross this roundabout and straight after you join Clytha Road, you turn right, leaving the other two routes and head towards Tregare on a lovely quiet lane. After  Tregare, the road undulates through pretty Dingestow and Wonastow before reaching Monmouth. When you reach Monmouth, the route will take you past the town and out towards the next big climb of the day to Trellech. You will now be on the same route as Granfondo and Mediofondo riders again.

At Trellech, you will find the feed station in the village hall. Mobile loos will be available at Trellech. After the feed station, all riders will follow the same roads back towards Chepstow, through Devauden and the fabulous descent that everyone was raving about last year.

Once you cross the Severn Bridge back to England, you will ride back through Tockington and climb the short but stingy Old Down Hill before turning towards the school and the Start / Finish for some well earned Black Rat cider and some hog roast.