Mediofondo Rider Instructions

In order to keep this event as “Covid safe” as possible we are giving each group of riders instructions pertinent to them.

Registration will take place at the following times:

Friday 21st May at Haiko Cycling, Unit 1a Harbour Road, Portishead, England, BS20 7BL from 3.00pm until 6.00pm

Saturday 22nd May at Marlwood School, Vattingstone Lane, Alveston, S. Glos, BS35 3LA from 12.00pm until 3.00pm

Sunday 23rd May at Marlwood School from 7.15am

If you are able to get to either Haiko Cycling in Portishead on Friday or to the School on Saturday to collect your rider number and timing chip, it will save you queuing on Sunday morning.

When you enter the school premises, please ensure you are wearing a mask at all times. This includes when you are lining up to start riding.

If you have not collected your rider number and timing chip on either Friday or Saturday, please follow signs to the School Hall where you will be able to collect them. We will supply you with zip ties to attach them to your bike. There will be cable snips available to trim them but you may find it worthwhile bringing scissors or snips of your own as a lot of people will be asking to use ours.

Once you have collected your rider number and timing chip, please wait until you are called to ride. We will call numbers in order to go to the starting area, so numbers 1 -25, 26 – 50 etc.

The Mediofondo (MF) ride will start at 9.00am. Our aim is to get 25 people started every 2.5 minutes. With any delays that may occur, all MF riders should be on the road by 9.30am.

Once you start riding you can remove your face mask.

When you are on the road, you need to look out for the Black Rat signs which are black with orange arrows.

The first feed station will be in Stroud. Again, we have Covid precautions in place. Staff will be wearing face masks and gloves and will hand you food in pre packed bags. You will not need to stand around the table choosing what you want. You just need to take your bag and move away to consume the food. Please ensure that when approaching the feed station you wear a mask. If you are riding with others please appoint one person from your group to collect the food to avoid large crowds.

Drinks will be dispensed from the containers provided.

Mobile toilets will be available at this feed station.

In Stroud, MF riders will split from Granfondo riders and head towards Cirencester. The split point will be well marked. If you are feeling strong you can choose to ride the GF route if you wish.

Just before Minchinhampton the PF and MF riders will also split. PF riders will descend to Nailsworth, MF riders will continue to Minchinhampton. Please be aware that this is a junction with several turn offs so please be sure you follow the correct route.

After passing through Minchinhampton, you will pass Minchinhampton Golf Course. Please be aware that recent heavy rain has made the road surface very slippery. There is a lot of gravel in the road as well as some mud. It doesn’t last long – mostly just the descent but please ensure you take great care on this short section.

The final feed station will be located just outside of Cirencester. Again, the same rules apply as the other two feed stations.

The feed station will be located at Deer Park School.

Please note that we have been refused permission to place mobile toilets at this feed station.

When you leave the feed station, you will need to go back up the road you previously rode down (Stroud Road) for 2.5km before turning left towards the village of Coates and continuing the ride.

On return to Marlwood School, you should cross the timing mat below the arch in order to get your finishing time.

After finishing, please remove your timing chip and hand it in to the staff. This is important. Any chips not returned will be charged at £45.00 each by the timing company. Even if you don’t finish the ride for any reason, you must hand your chip back.

You will be offered food at the finish and there is enough space for you to eat it at the school in a socially distanced manner and cheer other finishers as they cross the line.

Please be tidy with your food utensils and plates when you have finished – we will have plenty of rubbish bags around and we want you to use them!

We want you to have as enjoyable a day as possible. It will be different for everyone this year and some things may not go exactly to plan, but if everyone keeps their cool and has some understanding that other people may be a bit more risk averse than you are we should all have a great day.