Granfondo 19 May - 166km

Start Time for Granfondo is 8.45am

The Granfondo route is ideal for more experienced cyclists who want to challenge themselves over a longer distance. The route has plenty of variety and is not just climb after climb. There are several flat fast sections interspersed with some tough climbs and undulating roads.

All routes will follow the same roads until you reach Raglan.

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We recommend that you carry two spare inner tubes, tyre levers, pump and a puncture repair kit. It is not uncommon for riders to suffer punctures during sportive events. Ideally you should also carry a lightweight folding multi tool, available through any good cycle store.

Although feed stations en route will be well stocked with energy drinks, water and food, please consider taking energy gels or food of your own and at least one water bottle on your bike.


If all riders follow some basic safety guidelines we can all expect an enjoyable day!

All riders must conform to the laws of the road. This means keeping to the left, allowing vehicles to pass and not riding more than two abreast unless it is safe to do so and you are not holding up traffic.

There are several sets of traffic lights on the Granfondo route plus a couple of pedestrian controlled crossings with lights and riders must obey the lights. Marshals will be in attendance around the route and any rider found riding through a red traffic light will be disqualified and no time will be given for the ride. Also, all riders will have numbers displayed on their bikes and the Police will take action against anyone riding illegally if caught.

There will be one split point where Granfondo riders take a different route to Mediofondo riders to facilitate split times and feed stations. This point will be clearly marked.         

Every rider is required to wear a helmet.

All Black Rat signs will be black with an orange arrow indicating the direction you should ride. All signs will also have the Black Rat logo on. You will see SLOW! signs in some places around the course. Please ensure that you take notice of these - they are there for your own safety!